Sometimes we want to target people who are using a specific device, or at a certain time or location and Google AdWords’ bid adjustment feature let us do exactly that. It enables us to increase or decrease the frequency of the ads based on the device, location or time.

Those who are not familiar with this feature, let us explain it in the simplest way possible:

adwords-Local BusinessIf you run a plumbing business, you might want to target those who live nearby because when a plumbing issue strikes, people want immediate solution & they search for the plumbers who can come to their rescue ASAP. Or if you are a restaurant owner & offer a dinner buffet, it’s better to increase the frequency of your ad during the evening.

However, bid adjustment is not for everybody. Be aware that it increases the work since if you’re targeting specific devices, say three different devices; you have to run three campaigns at the very same time! That’s a lot of work, especially if you handle it on your own!

But for those who have a team, we have a good news for you. Google is now allowing you to add bid adjustments specifically for phone calls – Big news for businesses that CAN answer phone calls. A phone call will always be the best call to action because it connects you with your prospected customers instantly and on a personal level. Hence boosting conversion rates.

Click this link to know how it works or watch this video by Google which provides a good demo and does a nice job of explaining it.

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