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On-Page Search Engine Optimization

On-Page Search Engine Optimization

You often heard the word On-Page SEO or On-Page Search Engine Optimization, but never understand the proper meaning and purpose of it. Well, don’t worry we will tell you what it is, how it works, and from where you can get On-Page SEO.

But before moving forward to On-Page SEO, you need to know about what is SEO.

 Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Do you want to make a website that you wishes to be ranked in Google? Do you want to earn more and more? However, wait! Have you even think about the audience for your website? Do you ever wish to have a site that people love? If your answer regarding above questions is YES, then you are at the right place.

“Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an on-going practice, a set of techniques, strategies or the tactics which you utilize to increase the number of genuine visitors to your website through organic searches by just placing a high position in the search engine pages including Google, Bing, Yahoo and more.”

On-Page Search Engine OptimizationWe have used a word “Genuine Visitors” above, that’s mean you need to attract the audience to your website or product that you offer. If they come to your website because Google tells them that you are a chocolate manufacturer but in reality, you are just the chocolate seller, then you must not be on an SEO path as the traffic would not be organic for sure.

However, the Google searches are working on some Google Algorithms, which are un- revealed secret means only Google knows them, but the experience of past decades in SEO has listed some of the important factors that work for your site in which On-Page Search Engine Optimization included.

What is On-Page Search Engine Optimization?

The concept or rules of On-Page SEO has dramatically changed over the past few years. Google has told us the most sophisticated way to rank in Google even if your website doesn’t have the exact query.

On-Page search engine optimization (SEO) is a technique that is used to rank the individual websites on the Google Searches by simply optimized the content and the HTML source of a site.”

In other words, it is an SEO practice of making your website appealing to both users and the search engines. Moreover, On-Page SEO reviews and also improve the ranking of your site by analyzing its public face and the factors behind the scene, including coding and the technical setup which can only be seen by Google search engines.

For your convenience, we have made a list of some of the On-Page SEO factors that affect the website ranking and helps you to rank high in Google Search Engine and loved my users.

On-Page SEO factors:

  1. Start title tag with the main keyword2.
  2. Add modifiers to title (“2017”, “Best,” “Guide”)

 (Long tail keywords help you to rank higher)

  1. Add main keyword/Title in H1>4.
  2. Add Quality media (Videos, Images)
  3. Drop the main keyword in the first 100 words of content6.
  4. Responsive website design (Desktop/Mobile friendly)
  5. Use outbound links8.
  6. Interlink linking works like magic9.
  7. Boost website speed (>4s)
  8. Sprinkle LSI keywords
  9. Image Optimization (ALT text- “main keyword.png”)
  10. Social media for sharing
  11. Long content (1000-2000 words)


Where can you get this?

We at EasySeo do On-Page Search Engine Optimization for your website ranking in Search Engines. We work in collaboration to meet the needs of our clients. Our professional experts in Copywriting and Technical setups work 24/7 to rank your website high against your competitors.

             “Get Organic Traffic with us”

How we do it?

We don’t believe in quantity, but yes, in quality and for this reason we set multiple meetings with our clients to understand the purpose of their site, requirements, and things that will be needed. We don’t do guesswork until we understand the customer’s need for their website.

Analyze the website:

After getting proper details regarding the site, we first analyze your website, follow a plan to use the keywords more efficiently and flawlessly. Give importance to other factors like speeding boosting and performance of the site.

Our goal:

Our primary purpose is to provide the results based on successful On-Page Search Engine Optimization. Moreover, clients’ satisfaction is our greatest priority. We offer a full SEO package services to customers to help them rank the website.

So why go anywhere us. Just contact us and leave the rest to us.


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