Tier Building in Off-Page Search Engine Optimization

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Tier Building in Off-Page Search Engine Optimization

Building a website can be quite challenging especially when you are just starting out. After you have published your site and get it up and running, you are going to definitely need people to visit your site.

You have done everything to your site to fully optimize it for the search engines but you still don’t get enough visitors. What you need to do now is an off-page strategy or off-page search engine optimization to make your site more visible which, in turn, will generate more traffic. Off-page search engine optimization is everything that you do outside your site to help it achieve higher ranking in the search engines. This is important since eighty percent of your traffic will come from the search engines.

Tier Building in Off-Page Search Engine Optimization

One thing that is very popular in off-page search engine optimization strategies is to build links. Reciprocal links used to be quite popular. Reciprocal link building involves the exchange of links. This means that you link to pages that link to you. This has become tiresome as most people are o more interested in reciprocal link building.

Be that as it may, Tier building in the Off-Page Search Engine Optimization is now the latest means of building links. It refers to multi-level link building whereby you build links to the pages that link to your site.

Tier Building

As said earlier, Tier building involves building linksto the pages that link to your website. For instance, you 20 pages link to your website, you then go ahead to build links to those 20 pages. In this simple analysis, your website is referred to as the Tier 1, the 20 pages that link to your website are the Tier 2, while the new links you create for those 20 pages are the Tier 3. These tiers continue as long as possible until a broad network of site linking is attained.

Generally, getting links to your page is extremely tiresome. You need to get links from other sites to link to your site. One of the ways that you can do this is through visiting forums. After participating for a while and starting to get active in the forum, you can start to leave comments and leave your signature which will lead back to your site. Every forum is different but most allow you to create a signature in your profile. Most people will create anchor text that will link back to their site. For each time you participate in the forum, a link is created through your signature.

National SEO Diagram

National SEO Diagram

Another way to build links is through leaving comments on blogs. It would be a good idea to actually take the time, read the blog post and leave a meaningful comment. Many blog owners have disallowed comments because of people spamming their blog just for a link.

The best links to get are links from a high authority site on the same topic as your web page. These links are not easy to get but one way to get them is to contact the owner of the site and ask him if you could write an article for his site. Of course, this article is going to have a link in it pointing back to your site.

Tier building in off-page search engine optimization strategies used to improve your web page’s ranking is ongoing. You do not just build a bunch of links one day and then that’s it. You continue to build on a daily or weekly basis.



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